Quality Control Manager

Company Name:
The Malish Corporation
Job Summary:
This position serves as a first line representative of Malish Corporation to the employees within the department and other departments in the company. Supervises, plans, leads, directs and controls the work of the personnel within the cell. Responsible for the quality, quantity, and correctness of the work performed and the positive interaction with other cells. Must represent the company in a positive professional manner both internally and externally. Responsible for developing and maintaining compliance with ISO 9001 and maintaining updated quality documentation. Develops and maintains an ongoing plan to eliminate errors in manufacturing, Warehouse, and other areas and assist in developing an ongoing training program for production Operators and Technicians. Provides direct supervision to Quality Inspectors whose functions include inspection of in process and finish jobs; and Receiving Inspectors whose functions include inspection of incoming raw materials.
Essential Functions:
1. Maintains and develops quality documentation.
2. Files and keeps updated all quality records.
3. Develops and maintains Quality checks to be used by quality inspectors and operators in checking new products.
4. Develops a plan for the re-documentation of all quality documents to align with the new ISO 9000-2000 standard.
5. Prepare flow charts for all production processes.
6. Oversees the Supplier Corrective Action process.
7. Oversees the Corrective Action process.
8. Works with, and helps train inspectors to assure the best possible quality checks.
9. Substitute for inspectors during absences.
10. Maintains the Return Goods system.
11. Attends meetings as required including Cell Leader, Cell Leader support and new product meetings.
12. Develops plans for semi-annual internal quality audits.
13. Conducts semi-annual internal quality audits.
14. Reports the results of internal quality audits.
15. Maintains the Malish calibration system, and helps calibrate gauges when possible.
16. Maintains and oversees the SPC program (statistical process control) which is in place in the Extrusion Cell.
17. Helps develop a training program for new and experienced employees which is geared to develop better employees and improve production.
18. Observes first-hand production processes during every shift to identify potential quality problems and prevent them from happening.
19. Uses various computer software programs including Word, Excel, Power Point and M2M and many Quality Assurance programs such as SPC, Gage calibration, flow chart and organization chart programs as required.
20. Reports scrap information for Brush Division.
21. Develops/maintains reports on rejections for Brush and Extrusion Divisions.
The incumbent performs a variety of standard supervisory duties as follows:
1. Provides direct supervision of Quality Inspectors, and provides technical guidance as needed to production Operators, Technicians and Cell Leaders.
2. Supervises and coordinates activities of the Quality Inspectors in cooperation with other departments and company goals. Schedules and assigns work to employees. Communicates with other shift employees and management to relay status of in-process inspections.
3. Evaluates staffing needs, division of work, and inspection processes, and makes adjustments as necessary to achieve optimum standards for quality, quantity, and efficiency. Calls in employees for backup, and/or schedules overtime as necessary to meet daily inspection goals.
4. Understands inspection schedules, establishes and maintains necessary work pace required to complete inspections as scheduled.
5. Monitors quality, production and scrap levels in conjunction with production management, and attempts to make improvements.
6. Communicates and works with other cells to resolve process and product issues, and consults production management on unusual or serious production or quality issues.
7. Attends and participates in various management meetings.
8. Attends and participates in management training classes.
9. Understands, communicates, observes, applies, and enforces company policies, and safety and environmental rules and regulations.
10. Involves team members in the process of continuous improvement by looking for ways to improve conditions, use of equipment, and processes to improve productivity.
11. Analyzes and resolves work related issues and assists team members in solving work problems.
12. Prioritizes and resolves multiple simultaneous problems.
13. Motivates team members to achieve quality work goals.
14. Recommends or initiates personnel actions such as selecting new hires, promotions, transfers, salary changes, and disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal. Prepares and maintains related documentation.
15. Supervises and/or participates in the training process for all new hires.
16. Maintains accurate time and production records, including tracking of use of parts, supplies, materials, equipment and tools.
17. Interprets and enforces all wage and hour laws and other Federal and State laws in the daily supervision of assigned personnel.
18. Monitors and schedules employees hours and vacations to minimize overtime.
19. Develops and maintains good housekeeping practices throughout the plant, both individually and for work team. Performs routine preventive maintenance and minor repairs to tools and equipment; refers major repairs to Machine Shop or Maintenance Department.
20. Responsible for the final inspection of all products leaving the area.
21. Has regular and punctual attendance.
22. Supervises the performance of all assigned personnel, and provides on-the-job training necessary to develop desired performance while promoting teamwork and quality culture in the workplace. Prepares and conducts performance appraisals as scheduled and as needed.
23. Responsible for minimizing material waste, and identifying and notifying production management of materials that are not up to standard or necessary specification.
24. Conducts periodic inspections of products in process.
25. Performs other duties as assigned or directed.
Minimum Qualifications:
Knowledge of quality processes and statistical process control as typically acquired through a Bachelors Degree in Quality Management or on the job training
Knowledge of production processes and products
Ability to use measuring devices such as calipers, tape measure, micrometers, go / no go gauges, veniers
Ability to read and interpret blueprints and develop quality standards

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